Thursday, 1 January 2009,20:51:00

ytd finally my bed
and wardrobe came!!
waited from 1plus
til 7plus then came sia
zzz..then super sianx..
haha..sanjiefu suddenly said
dun wan go see fireworks liao
then suddenly..
felt so bored.
then sanjie ask mi over
drink at her place
i was like..so bored lei
then tot go holland v
but end up..
jos and her frenx
not drinking..
then myint also not there yet
he said.
if we going
he can join us.
but we afraid no table
then sanjie said
aiya go her house la.
i was like sighx..ok..
then last min..
suddenly she called..
said june at cdans pub
ask mi wan go?
actually didnt reali wan
coz like very bored
i dunno them
summore..all sure old ones
lols..but i was tinking..
bored at hm also..
if she wan go i pei her
most impt
one sianx thing is..
need money lei.
wahx..but i reali..
thanks God..
haha..he didnt let mi..
spent my countdown
alone or bored.
we met this guy..
who worked at the canteen
beside the swimming pool
he recognised us sia
then he sat with us
even treated mi whisky dry!
alot better than beer *YUCKS*
think he bored also.
he told us..
he loved to go clubbing
he goes alot places..
he wont spent his nitex
at such pub..
but coz..
his bf said..
if u dun spent that nitex
there with him..
so bo bian..
he got stuck there..
oh..coz his bf work
in that pub..
and then horx..haha..
end up we dun have to
fork out a single cents
for any drinks..
all the beer we had
june husband paid..
heehee..quite ok la..
not reali VERI SIANX
haha..reached hm..
abt 3.30am..
couldnt slp well
keep waking up..
tis situation..
i had before..
i sms him but no reply
called him when reach hm
think he super busy..
and hung up..
used to his speaking tone
whenever he got frenx ard
he talked to mi in att way
maybe is coz..
no reply fr him..
i kept waking up
to see my hp..
sighx..dun even knw..
wad im hoping for..
ohh..and one more thing
my face!!
heehee..looks a lil bett
just less than a week lei
haha..so happie =P
just now met moon
she commented
sanjie face also quite oily hor
then i asked her..
my face got looks better?
then she said ya abit..
then also like slim abit
the face..not so swollen
i was like..
my face swollen one mehx
lols..tried one dress
quite sweet..
dunno i wear nice anot
but tink most prob
i going buy it for cny
heehee..i wan wear more dress
i wan change..
i wan work hard.
i wan to be different!
Laws of Attraction said
think of what you want
focus on it.
and you will acheive it
dun think of what you dont wan
i have been telling myself
i wan to be pretty
i wan to be slim
i wan to be happie
before slp..
i kept reciting that.
when i woke up.
i repeated too
so happie..
erjie nv angry with mi liao
i dunno why..
she's the last person
i wanna hurt or gei gao with
but yet..
that day..
i actually..
then horx..
funnie thing was
she's most angry with mi
not coz of that.
she's angry with mi
coz i dun like erjiefu
well well..
happie new year~~~
may all dreams come true
may this year be a great great
super nice year..
tho i fan tai shui
but then again..
i will do my best.
make things work well
i wan to change!
so i must work hard
i wan to be different!!!

~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Tuesday, 30 December 2008,13:45:00

ohhoo..so excited and happie~
tml my new bed & wardrobe coming
hmms..last sat so qiao
yu dao szesian at turf city
so surprised..
haha.both us said
never expect to meet there
lols..sanjiefu always go
the car shop there
next to the one he went
is szesian family biz
haha..reali so qiao..
hmmx..sianx.. =X
super sleepy lehx
new year is coming
so fast!!!

~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Sunday, 28 December 2008,20:13:00

this year xmas.
i veri happie..coz..
i finally bought nice
preents for my nieces&nephew
even bought presents for the maids.
but one sadx thing was..
i dun get a single present.
cleared all my half yr filing
on friday!!
so damn happie!!
each time i cleared those filing
i felt so relieved and glad!
like a achievement to mi lols
today.not veri good.
stupid mi.
for nothing.
gei gao that lil money.
made my sis upset.
then caused myself upset also.
something is not..
reali rite here..hmms..
im broke! shucks!
ytd just got money only.
end up today all gone
i bought a bed and wardrobe
seen doc for my skin.
not even beginning of the mth
and i spent ALL!!
anyway.ytd see the doc
heard its super good
even did the light&peel
my sanjie la.
she do ma.then i also do.
so ex!!
wahx.then today.
my chin.
the part below my lips
breakout sia!!
damn scary.
reali ALOT!!
my sis also say so scary lehx
so uncomfortable..
hope faster pass lehx tis mth

~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Saturday, 13 December 2008,00:09:00

today planned go cgm
finally i agree to go
end up..
kaox..stomach upset.
wahx.feel so terrible in office
so bloated.
then growl so loud
damn real loud.
if someone beside mi
i think can hear lorx
then keep feel like..
ehh..whats that call..
hmmx..like diarrhea la
no lorx.
i ran toilet few times.
then end up.
no choice
coz reali feel so..
tell my colick.
think i cant go.
like as if i dun wan go
then last min say
not feelin well..
zzz..dunno i suay
or wad.. =X
recently bought alot..
doraemon stuffs..
at pasar malam.
1st time to tt pasar malam
i bought 3set dvd
then.next 'visit'
i bought 5towels and a clock.
then today.
i bought 3pyjamas!!
finally have doraemon pyjamaS!
so happie..haha..
too bad..
bedsheet dun hav =X
i gonna make my room..
so doraemon..lolx.. =P
i love the towels.
lalala.. =P
hmmx..so sianx.. =X

~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Sunday, 7 December 2008,13:14:00

wow.this sickness.
really makes mi
grow a lil more!
so much things
happens at work.
dun reali wanna
talk abt it.
coz after all
those aint reali
happie or worth
keeping moments.
so its over.
now,im bucking up
to show i can do it!
man! ytd was reali
damn great and nice day
been super long.
since i enjoyed myself
so much like this.
even laughed til tears rolled!
cant believe
i reali went out with
sheang yuan & myint!
its reali a great day.
after work.
went chinatown with sy
for lunch then shop.
meet myint 4plus at bugis
then we went swenson
for ice cream treat!
myint owed us lolx.
after that we went.
mustafa.1st time.
then we went for indian dinner
lolx.after which.
1st time to shaw tower.
and the most unbelievable part
we went hollandV for drink
after the movie man!
man!! howx i really
enjoyed myself ytd!
but.spent alot at shopping
gosh! =X
but i never spend on
i bought the things i need ONLY
lolx.oh ya.
myint brought along his cousin
but well.still ok.
fun too.
initially is kind of weird.
but after which.
at the pub.
we all had fun joking
and laughing etc. :)
really really ENJOYED!

the most fun part
i think is at the restuarant
lolx.reali kept laughing
one part is.
mi & sy ordered one ginger tea
to try.then.
when it came.we were like
ehh..howx to drink.
i asked so loud
til one waiter look at mi
and the table beside
turned over to look too.
then nvm.coz
the small metal cup
had 1 small bowl below.
both with the tea.
so we were like howx come
then myint was like so serious
answering all we asked.
then to this qns.
he was like..ehh..
then suddenly he said
it overflowed.
mi and sy
laughed til dunno where.
my tears rolled?!!
even myint & his cousin
laughed loud too.
i mean.thats the 1st time
ytd that they laughed so loud
even tho the whole day
we asked alot silly qns.
so it shows.
howx damn stupid
and funny that thing is.
wth! LOLX!
the place we went
wasnt filled with..ehh..
those indians with smells.
if not i would faint on the spot
even the cinema also.
no smells AT ALL!!
omg!i reali love ytd =P
oh ya.took pic at pub
his cousin..
took til drop myint's hp
man.kind of brand new one
so poor thing.
but.mynmar ppl
no temper de.
think i should mix with him more
to learn more from him
hahahaha..hard tho =X

~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Wednesday, 26 November 2008,14:03:00

haha..read thru the previous post
lolx..so stupid..
wad none of my biz anymore
wad i wun care anymore
KNS lorx.
ytd jiu call him again liao
with just hearing of his voice
makes mi feel..good..
sighx..still wad curse..
knn..tink drama mehx.
lolx.so idiot.
as if i reali wish..
u live in misery like mi
kns.fuck.tho i knw.
and strongly knw that
u will believe in it.
haha.but wadever la.
no matter wad i do or say
u only believes im evil
so no diff if u believes or not.
sighx.those things.
just wrote out of sadness only.
dun reali meant it.
haha.tho i do hate u at times
for the way u treated mi.
deep inside my heart.
wo hai shi xi wang kan dao
ni xingfu.
no matter howx sadx.
howx upset.
but i can never bring myself
to hate u for long.
i will just miss your voice.
miss your hugs.
miss ur everythings soon again.
sighx.hopeless rite?
gone case rite?
hmmx..tml starting work le.
start out rite..
this post..will be the last one
that contains u in the chapter
haha.. =)

everyone moves on..
the earth continues turning.
no one will ever stop for mi.
im the only one.
wasting time.
standing at square one
never moving.
and only when i turn back to see
then i realised.
i once again.
wasted another year.
with everyone
moving on great and strong.

我们的看不懂 他们听懂了
我们的害怕 他们习惯了




~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Tuesday, 25 November 2008,14:46:00
eNd chApteR

been a week
since i went work
and yet..
not even a call or sms
from u to bother
askin if im fine..
last whole week..
im the one calling u up
even called u on sat morning
hopin u can mi some food.
but u threw temper at mi
sayin u drank alot
the previous nitex.
so i waited..
til aftn..u rejected my call
sms ask if u busy.
u said ya with her.
win lorx.
the moment she call u
u got up fine and meet her
i was almost dyin..
u dun even hack care.
only idiot and fool like mi
would go bother abt ur life
when u sick.
and when im sick.
who cares? rite?
now i truly know
wad deardear and moon
meant by wad a jerk u r
now i see it and understands
im just being the greatest fool
on earth by not understanding it.
all i wan is a slight concern
from u..just a call or sms will do.
bother to ask mi..
so howx u feeling?betteR?
but u dun bother at all..
im just the only fool who will
go bother..care so much.
once u sick.my mind all filled with u
call everyday askin if u bett..
call everyday asking if u wann eat anythin.
rush down just to buy for u.
rush down doin everythin i could
just for u..and for nothing..
i got this stupid fever..
stupid dengue fever..
causing my life..so miserble now.
and u dun even bother!
i swear by my left over life
from this moment on
i wun be bother by ur life as well
even if one day
someone called to tell mi
u in hospital or wad
i wun care.i wun bother
its no long of any biz of mine!
i swear!
and this is my curse to u.
for treating mi like dirt.
tis is my curse for u.
u dun deserve any happiness.
from this moment on.
any gals u met, shall be like her
who will never love u nor be true to u
shall treat u like how u treated mi
this two months.
making full use as they nid.
and when they found the one they love
they shall just dump u like trash,
i wan u to fully experiences the pains,
the heartaches, the foolishness i went thru.

this will be my last chapter
of my past miserable life.
thurs i be starting work again
fr there on, shall start my new chapter.
my new life will begins.
this i assured myself.ha.aha..

wads the color of my skin sia.
i reali cant recall =,="
my skin's reali a disaster
argh!! so er xin..
so scary..so..man..loss of words.
hahaa...cant bear to look at my own skin
lolx.terrible.. =X oh and one thing..
i been weighing myself..
ahaha..71?but so scare..
once i recover liao..gain back fast
lolx.. =P
argh..so damn itchy..sobs!

~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Thursday, 20 November 2008,21:40:00

ytd nitex took medicine
temperature went down alot
mid nitex took temperature
36.8 nia.tot td can go work liao
but morning when woke up
went to see doc..
took a blood test
for dengue fever..
scare most jiu shi
da zhen chou xue liao
tired..been slpin
whole daySS!
haha..fever since sun worx.
lolx..nan de will fever
wahx.then nv end..
lolx..will it overburn?
u reali dun even..
bother to show a lil..
so sadx..
even frenx..
sick also will concern abit.
aft all..
when u sick..
i so concern abt u..
forget it..
mayb even if i..
reali anythin happen..
u wun know also
haha..coz u said
i dun call u
u wun bother call mi
wahx..heartbreaking words
already so sick..
yet u still times..
purposely said those..
hurting things..
man..heartless creature..

~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Tuesday, 18 November 2008,14:16:00

haha..that ah poh veri funnie one
just now sms..said..
when 'he' sick i take care him
so now i sick 'he' must take care mi
i said him siao!
i said.i take care him..
is i willingly one
dun mean he must take care mi
haha..anyway sun when..
he willing sent mi home
i already veri happie liao
just abit sad..
he nv bother sms or call mi
see if im better..ahaha..
anyway sighx..ytd at office..
reali felt like as if im dyin man!
kaox.reali feel so miserable!!
reali kills..
whole body aches.
cant move.
then keep fa leng.
the more cold the more pain.
lips and tongue feel numb.
things i taste are all bitter.
cant eat sia!!
zzz..reali terrible..
walk also feel giddy.
reali is everywhere PAIN!
but i touch my forehead
no fever.sis touch also bo.
then surprisingly.
just now see doc.
38.8 sia!
doc said.hopefully
i is only get infection
from my frenx!
got 2days mc.
if 2days later.
fever still persistant.
and no flu!
must go back see her.
coz suspect got dengue.
i also nv tio mosquito bit
haha.tink is normally fever la
just now after shower with
super warm water.
my hand no more so pain.
kns.ytd so damn pain
til each time i woke up
so hard to fall back to slp.
coz reali super pain.

~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

Tuesday, 11 November 2008,18:54:00

wow..today while working.
was lookin at calendar
then realized..
today is exactly the one month
i went find him.
the 1st time i looked him up
was 11th Oct..haha..so zun..
today maybe the last time..
im seeing him..

yuan ben tot..
go ur place..
one last time..
tot can have a good nice
getting together de
never expect..
it to be the worst..
but then again
maybe only like that.
then can make mi..
really stop bothering u.
stupid mi rite.
no matter how hurts
i know i will get.
no matter howx pointless
i know the things im doing.
but still i wish to do.
still i wish to see u.
with just the little hope of
staying by ur side.
seeing u hugging u.
u reali is the best..
when u said this..
"what is it u exactly want fr mi"
"what is ur motive.."
"is this what u wan to see?"
twice u hurts mi with
this same things.
its seems like..
no matter what
im reali just a scheming one
doing things with motive.
my zhen xin..
u reali can never feel it.
u reali think..
its worth getting myself
so hurt so pain..
just to see u hurt as well?
am i reali so idiot til.
i find myself not hurt enuf.
to get myself more hurts
in order just to see u hurt?
fuck lorx!
nothing to say.
u good u win.
this is always ur best way
of hurting mi.
returning mi double the hurts
i gave u in the past.
never mind.
one day u will know
maybe one day u can feel
the pain i went thru.
coz i always believe in..
im just being paid
for the pains i caused others
in the past.
its time to stop right? (:

saw this bulletin in tagged
find it quite nice
so copied and paste here
























~♥~ wheRe is my hAppinEss ~♥~

♥ mE ^^ ♥

naMe : vaLvaL
spEciaL dAy : 06 May 1985
fAv : d0raEm0n
stAy :
tEck wHyE
2009 sEcrEt :
w0 dE mimi

-behind the veil-

jUz a vEry siMpLe gaL
wHo bElieVe iN miRacLes,
yEt dUn beLieVe miRaCleS wiLL hAppEn oN hErseLf..
beLieVes iN eVeRyoNe,
aNyoNE bUt nOt hErseLf.. =X
lOvE tO hAvE mOrE fRenZ~! XD

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When will this river of tears stop fallin'
Where can I run so I won't feel alone
Can't walk away when the pain keeps callin'
I've just gotta take it from here on my own
But it's so hard to let go

~分手就象 失去翅膀~
~想遍着你 的我~
~飞不到原来 的方向~
~每当象现在 我感觉到悲伤~
~我会努力 让你走的方式飞翔~

ღ~谁能给我 一支神奇的锁~ღ
ღ~轻轻一开 就让寂寞飞走~ღ

I just can't understand
the ways of all the men
and their mistakes
You give them
all your heart
And then they
rip it all away

You told me how much
you loved me
And how our love
was meant to be
And I believed in you
I thought that
you would set me free

You should've just
told me the truth
That I wasn't
the girl for you
I didn't have a clue
So my heart
depended on you, whoa~

Although I'll say
I hate you now
Though I'll shout
and curse you out
I'll always have love for you
Because I am a girl

Been told a man
will leave you cold
Get sick of you and bored
I know that it's no lie
I gave my all,
still I just cry

Never again
will I be fooled
To give my all
when nothing's true
I won't be played again
But I will fall in love again

I loved you so
Now you leave me in the cold How could this be
I tot that you'd only love me

Into the night
I will pray that you're alright
You hurt me so
I just can't let you go

You took advantage
of my willingness
To do anything for love
Now I'm the only one in pain
Will u please take it all away

Never tot being born a girl
How i can love you
and be burned
And now I will build a wall
To never get torn again


♥ Wishlist ♥

laVendEr pUrpLe sLim pSp
IPL pErm hAir rEm0vaL =X
yUnNam HL tReatMent =X
tEEth whitEniNg???
lEarN t0 siNg
leArn t0 pLay piAn0
gEt my dRiviNg LicEnsE
g00d j0b
sLim d0wN
g00d tEmpEr
g0ld hEaRt
MORE g00d fRenx
nEw bEd
fiRst diGitaL cAm!
gReAt sKin c0mpLex
0wn's cAr
0wN's chRistiAn caFe
peaCe on eArtH


*beyond just me*


dEarEst wEndY
cLaRa bia0mei
swEEt qiNsi
mApLe di~

-~g0aLs 0f tHe yEaR~-

leArN t0 L0vE MYSELF!♥
LeaRn t0 bE hAppiE
sLim d0wN
bE m0Re c0nfidEnt
caRe m0Re f0r othErs♥
cLeAr aLL dEbtS N saVe up
g0 t0 tAiwAn bY dEc!!

y0u caNNot juDge a tRee,
0r a peRs0n,
by onLy oNe sEas0n,
aNd thAt tHe essEnce
of wHo thEy aRe
aNd tHe pLeasUre,
j0y, aNd loVe
tHat coMe fRom
thAt Life
cAn onLy bE
mEasUred at tHe eNd,
whEn aLL thE
sEas0ns aRe up.
IF y0u giVe uP
whEn it's wiNter,
y0u wiLL miss tHe
pr0miSe oF yoUr spRing,
thE beaUty
oF youR sUmmEr,
fuLfiLmeNt oF
y0ur faLL.
Don't Let tHe pAin
0f oNe sEas0n
dEstr0y tHe j0y
oF aLL tHe reSt.
Don't jUdgE LifE bY onE
diFficuLt seAsoN.

PerSevEre thRouGh
tHe difFicuLt pAtcHes
aNd beTTer tiMes
aRe suRe t0 coMe
soMe tiMe.

Live SimpLy
Love GenEroUsLy.
CaRe DeepLy.
SpEak KiNdLy.
LeavE tHe ReSt

Happiness keeps You Sweet
Trials keep You Strong
Sorrows keep You Human
Failures keep You Humble
Success keeps You Glowing
Only God keeps You Going